Sunday, February 25, 2007

Updated Blogger settings solved

It's taken a while, but I've finally updated my blogger account to a new template. After doing that and updating Qumana, I thought I had it all worked out for posting there.

No joy at first, but then I remembered that my blog was now part of my Google account. When I started it a year or so ago, it was separate, as a part of Blogger.

Silly me.

So I checked the address, but still couldn't post. With a bit more hunting and pecking around I figured it out. I was still trying to use the old password for my original Blogger account. Duh. A quick entry with my Google info and all was fine.

Sure is getting hard to keep up with all the sign in/sign out transitions. Hopefully someone will figure out someway to have one identity for the web.

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Multiple computers are time consuming

I wanted to find some information about courses in journalism schools. Once the laptop booted up I ran into a snag - my tool bars were missing critical buttons that I use every day on my desktop. I guess I hadn't got around to installing them on my less-used laptop. Bummer.

Oh well, off to collect the Google toolbars for IE and Firefox. Then around to find the various buttons for gmail, reader, and blog subscriptions. Add in a trip to for their tool bar buttons, a check through gmail and the reader, and a couple of hours had passed. Sigh.

Now, what was it I started to do...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

On with the new year

I last posted a note that I've been working at a new job that was to last through the end of December. Well now it's going to carry on longer. That's good. It's nice to know you've made an impression that's at least good enough for them to want you around for a while.

Actually, I was looking foward to a slow start in the first week of January. There were no events planned, and one of our projects wasn't due out for a couple of weeks. I thought I'd have at least a day or so to get my mind back on work after the holidays. Boy, did I underestimate. I've been going steady for two days now. The days just disappear. It took quite a while just to update my calendar with all the events and activities that are coming up over the next couple of months...never been this calendarized in my life ;-)

There are perks though. Over Xmas I blew the budget. I tend to do my own Xmas shopping and usually end up managing to justify all the toys I need want. That's fun. It actually started in a small way before Xmas, but now that I'm making some extra cash, I realized my technology budget is up. Ahhh...Best Buy!