Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hello? Hello?

It's been far to long...

I do have a couple of other blogs out and about, but I seem to have a lot of content here. What am I doing just letting it sit here. Perhaps I'll get it active again. No promises, but I'll try, at least periodically.

What's new.
I'm a few years older :-)

I recently left the Board of Trade to get back on my own under the moniker

I've joined flickr, twitter and facebook as donsca

DWS-Co, my old company is no more

I've added photography to my list of endeavours

Right now I'm watching a video on a speech that Shane Gibson made at a CRM conference

I'm starting to explore my creative side a bit more

There's more, but hopefully I'll be back with other current stuff that would be more interesting than the past.

Got to move on you know...