Saturday, August 13, 2005

What's donsca

A few years ago, I was looking for a username to use in some forums. The service in question didn't like my real name because someone else had used it. Hurumph! The nerve.

I googled my name, I found that it was not all that unique. How depressing. I so envied those people who showed up as the same person in forums, on their website, and in email. As luck would have it, I could pretend to be a pastor, a realestate agent, an actor, or a politician, and none of those were what I wanted to be. In fact, some of them I really wouldn't want to be associated with at all ;-)

But heck, I wanted to be myself.

So I tried quite a few alternative names/identifiers and finally decided on donsca. What does it mean?
  • don = don
  • s = summers
  • ca = canada
Short, sweet and, it seems, a unique identifier. Ok, well, kinda simplistic, I know. Still, it serves for now.

I'll be interested to see if the name of this blog stays the same. When I was creating it, Blogger didn't want to let me use it. I was told Metamorphosis was already in use. I entered donsca as the name of the blog and when I got here it was called Metamorphosis. Hmm..go figure.

Anyway, more later.

Update - the url links to donsca, but the blog header remains metamorphosis.
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